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Illadelph was proud to introduce many technologies, forms, and ways of looking at glass pipes that are now commonplace over 10 years later.

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Illadelph has designed some unique technologies to create healthier usage. These technologies include Coil Condensers and Hot Hit Sets.

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DO you have a question about your Illadelph Glass? What accessories will work with my product? How can I clean my product?

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We want you to buy quality. We have created some info to help you spot the fakes! Here is how to determine if you have a genuine Illadelph Piece of Glass.

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We here at Illadelph Glass stand behind our quality, and our testimonials prove it. Check out some of the testimonials we receive below.

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illadelph logoMonthly Newsletter

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Illadelph Monthly Newsletter! Our Newsletter has been designed to inform you of any additions and changes to our line while also featuring our beautiful custom works and high end limited edition runs. Furthermore, this publication acts as a platform to educate you on the constant advancements in functionality and technology the Illadelph brand has become known for.

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New Products

With our current product line consisting of over 500 styles, sizes, and colors of glass pipes, it’s safe to say that Illadelph is on the forefront of all cutting edge technology in the pipe industry today. With new technologies continuously being engineered and administered in all areas of our product line, this section of the newsletter will be the most current section showcasing these constant evolutionary changes.


With the much anticipated release of our brand new Conversion Rig on June 10th, we are now accepting pre-orders to allow us to ship immediately.

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The conversion kit can be used with the included male to male adapter and ceramic dome-less nail to create our version of a rig. Convert it to the up-right position and switch to the provided multi-hole slide for a mini version of our standard Illadelph beaker. The interchangeable mouthpiece and triangular cut downstem allows the user to choose between the two setups, making this product one of our most versatile and unique pieces to date.

Our brand new carrying case comes complete with an Illadelph Newport torch and “Hive” ceramic nail , which when opened utilizes an exclusive micro-digital technology that provides a pre-set musical selection.


Our Brand new coil rig is the latest edition to our new line of rigs. The piece measures 10″ tall with a 6″ coil top and 4″ beaker base. The base features a fixed downstem design with a triangular percolating filtration system. The package comes complete with our brand new sound enhanced carrying case, and becomes available June 20th!

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AGE & CHAMPS Summer 2014

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Las Vegas, Summer 2014!

We are excited to be attending both the CHAMPS Trade Show and AGE in Las Vegas this summer!

We will be displaying an exciting array of custom works along with a vast majority of our most current production items.

We intend to feature the majority of our custom pieces at AGE We hope to see you at one if not both shows!


Illadelph has teamed with industry staple Grassroots Clothing to create a limited run of 420 hats in two (2) varying styles. This limited run will be split between the two companies, with illadelph retaining 320 hats and the remaining 100 being offered by Grassroots. Supplies are limited so be sure to order now!
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Authorized Dealer’s June Promotional

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June’s promotional is in the process of being packed and shipped as we speak! This months promotional will include one of our most high tech accessories to date… A straight top adapter that fits our popular Illadelph bubbler. The adapter utilizes a built in fixed showerhead perc, which is designed to reverse the flow of air from intended direction.

The straight top adapter is sold as part of our bubbler conversion kit or separately as an accessory.

Available Products:

-straight top adapter
-straight top bubbler conversion kit (pictured below)
-coil top adapter
-coil top bubbler conversion kit
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We are very excited for the release of four new Illadelph T-shirts imprinted on white American Apparel style tees. All styles will be included in our promotional this month. Check out the Illadelph online store http://www.illadelphclothing.com for upcoming releases of new clothing, hats, and merchandise.

Available T-shirts S-XXL:

-Killadelph w/ crest
-Classic Illadelph w/ crest
-Classic Monkey
-Old School “Phils”

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Get Them Before They Are Gone

Our Limited Edition runs of popular Illadelph logos now features the ever popular Cow theme! Like previous series, we are offering 99 individually numbered beakers labeled in our classic Signature style and featuring the “Milk Cow” on the base. Based off the popularity of our promotional “Cow” straight tube, these beakers are sure move fast so get one before they are gone!

The Cow Beaker

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Social Media

Instagram continues to be a resourceful marketing tool and effective method of reaching customers and fans alike. If you aren’t following us these are some of the products and photos you are missing!

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Luca Falso
Founder/ Owner
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