Where is Illadelph Located?


Illadelph Glass was born and raised in the City of Philadelphia. The pride Illadelph takes in its products parallels the pride Philadelphians have in their city. Illadelph will always remain true to the urban life and its fans.

How Long Has Illadelph Been Around?


Formed in 2002, Illadelph has been a prominent fixture in the pipe industry since its beginning. The evolution of the company during this time has produced a number of technological break-throughs, one of a kind works of art, and most importantly, satisfied customers. The success of Illadelph stems from this long term goal of perfection in all areas of work, from the packaging and materials used to the people who assemble the product. Nothing is second rate. The goal from day one has remained the same; quality with no exceptions.

what is a 2nd quality piece?


They are pieces that did not fully make it through our quality control process due to very minor discrepancies; these minor spec flaws could be anything thing from slight bubbles in the glass from overheating, slight waves in the glass, a minor scratch, an uneven joint seal, anything that does not meet our specifications are marked as such. If it is a straight or a beaker, they are then labeled with a set of large bands above the ice pinches as well as a large crest, and of course sold at a more affordable rate. So yes, they have a minor aesthetic flaw but nothing that would ever affect the functionality of the piece.  All Illadelph 2nds are marked with our 2nd label or engraved as a 2nd.

Where Can I Buy Illadelph Glass?


Illadelph has chosen to use a network of Authorized Retailers in an attempt to guarantee authenticity and quality when purchasing an Illadelph product. This close-knit team allows us to quickly launch new ideas in product innovation and train staff on the dynamics taking place during these technological transitions. A well-educated store enables the customer to have any and all questions answered before any prospective investment takes place, thus enabling the highest level of customer satisfaction. Visit our store locator to find the closest Authorized Retailer in your area!

How Should I Clean My Glass?


Cleanliness is important in maintaining the functionality and beauty of our products. Build-up that occurs during normal use lessens the quality of our design as well as diminishes the taste of your tobacco products. Constant attention to cleaning your product outweighs any particular cleaning product or method, continuous upkeep is what Illadelph finds to be most important. A weekly or even daily schedule will help prevent any serious build-up issues, and when done regularly becomes a less tedious task.

For all cleaning purposes we recommend Randy’s Black Label Cleaner. Black Label is a lightning fast resin and goo cleaning solution for any metal, glass, or ceramic smoking utensil. Just apply Black Label to any piece, shake, and let it soak for a few minutes before rinsing out in warm water. In no time Randy’s Black Label will have your piece looking good as new, and hitting like the day you pulled it off the shelf.

If the piece is too large to soak in a container you can fill your piece with Randy's Black Label Cleaner and use a cork to plug any open ends, thus allowing you to clean your product using very little space. To help facilitate this method we have made glass on glass stoppers available for purchase on our online store at

How Can I Spot A Fake?


We suggest reading our Counterfeit Section for all points of inspection before purchasing any Illadelph product. Illadelph Glass is a factory direct manufacturer, and does not use any distribution methods other than direct sales to our Authorized Retailers. If a store is not part of our Authorized Retailer network and does not have an identifying QR Code on the products box, we suggest you do not purchase any Illadelph product as we cannot guarantee authenticity.

How Do I Become an Authorized Retailer?


Only established smoke shops in non-designated areas are considered for Authorized Retailer positions. Click on our Contact Form for any and all questions about possibly becoming an Authorized Retailer of Illadelph products, and please check our Store Locator to view all presently designated areas.

Which Part of the Detachable Coil is the Front? 


Our logo is placed directly on the front of every coil we make, with our hand ground marble facing backwards. View Photo

Does Illadelph offer a warranty?


Illadelph DOES NOT offer a warranty on products that are broken through use & neglect. Illadelph DOES offer a manufacturer's warranty for any product that can be verified to have flaws created through the manufacturing process.